Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pictures ... at last!

I must start this off by saying ... this one's for you, Bob. 

Goodness.  I hope that I don't begin procrastinating on other things in my life like I have with getting these pictures posted.  And the worst part is I don't have ones of the basement or playroom taken (or the third bedroom, as it is for the new baby and isn't complete yet).  I'll take those tonight (I can hear you saying "Suuuuure...") and add them to a follow up post.

I can obviously tell that I am not used to the time it takes to clean a larger house.  And our drive home is a little longer now each evening, so that cuts into a lot of the extra time I used to have.  The majority of the posts on this blog were written when we were living with my in-laws, which meant when I came home from work, there was no housework to be done, my daughter had already been fed dinner, and my dog was living with my parents for the summer.  What else was a girl to do but blog?

Okay, okay.  Enough of the excuses.  Here are the pictures already!

Master Bedroom.  Behind me is the master bath.  Door to the right of the bed is the closet.

Morning Room.  Slider off to the side that leads out to the deck and patio.

Kitchen / Breakfast Bar

Living Room

Dining Room

Daughter's Room

Upstairs loft

Alternate view of upstairs loft.

Kid's Bathroom

A yard!  Our yard came in VERY fast and VERY well.

View of deck and patio (taken during move-in weekend, so no yard here!)