Thursday, September 9, 2010

My First Frustration

Okay - pictures - I have good reason for my delays! I have them all taken - they just need uploaded and added on here and I hope to do that in the next couple of days.

I do have quite a few updates, though. I cannot believe we have a yard. Sure, it's a little patchy here and there and we're still going to seed-over at the end of the month, but we are very, very impressed with what came of the hydroseed sprayed by Ryan Homes. In fact, my husband has had to mow two times already!

We have come across several things here and there that needed tended to by Ryan Homes. At our 3-week review our PM walked through the house with us, going over everything that I had noted that needed touched up, fixed, etc. There were no questions asked at all and he was more than happy to schedule the appropriate parties to fix what needed fixed. Here is an idea of what was on our list:

  • Stain needed touched up on stair banister
  • Dents in hardwood slats by basement
  • Scratches in hardwood in half bath
  • Laundry room door not latching
  • Fridge door swings open super fast - needs adjusting
  • Screw holes needed patched and painted on the exterior of the slider in the morning room from where the safety gate had been prior to getting our deck built
  • Microwave vent won't turn off, so we had to unplug the microwave
  • Garage door working intermittently
Almost everything is scheduled for the 27th of this month to be fixed. This includes the flooring company coming back out to replace the slats that are either scratched or dented. We ended up having to call GE Appliances about the microwave. A tech was out within two days and had the part needed shipped to our house via FedEx and is coming back to replace it. The garage door company was out last week but couldn't get it fixed. They think there may be an issue with the outlet that the opener is plugged in to, and suggested we have the electrician look at it. Our PM was at the house today with the electrician and I don't have an update on this yet. I hope it's fixed.

Since these things are being handled quite efficiently (the delay until the 27th was our choice due to our inavailability), I am not frustrated with them.

But there is one thing I am frustated with.

This past weekend, even those of us in Northeast Ohio felt the strength of Hurricane Earl as he brought 45-55 mph winds through the area. My husband and I laid down for bed Friday night and you could have easily convinced me there were people right above us in the attic moving around ... or hanging off the side of the house right above our heads, pulling siding off. We can't exactly explain it, but I can say that it was LOUD. Loud enough that we were able to pick up the sounds easily on our phone's voice recorders so we could play it to our PM. Granted, I know the winds were strong, but never in my life have I been in a house - let alone a NEWLY constructed house - and heard noise like this. Then it happened again Saturday night. And again Tuesday night. Friday and Saturday I may have been willing to give a free pass to because the wind was very rare and strong ... but Tuesday night was nothing out of the ordinary. My husband even went up into the attic at one point to make sure everything looked intact - it was THAT loud.

So today when the PM came by for the garage door, my husband was going to talk to him about this. I am very, very curious to hear how this conversation went. I honestly don't know what they could do - but I do know that it makes it almost impossible to sleep in there when it is going on. So we shall see ... this is definitely my first large frustration.


  1. Megan...very interested to hear the outcome of the sounds caused by the winds

  2. You and I both! I'll certainly post an update. Last night everything was silent, but had I been home alone that first night, I can almost guarantee I would have called the police. I never knew noise like that could be caused by wind - it's unreal.

  3. We've had some good wind/rain storms since moving in. We've seen siding and roofing shingles come off. Luckily, not off our house. I've heard that the roofing shingles haven't had time to "cure" yet because they are so new. They need alot of sunny days to really begin to stick down in addition to the nails. I'm interested to hear what happens. Maybe it has to do with the vents.

  4. Any outcome on the sounds yet?

  5. Oh my goodness - I must get back into my blogging mindset! I have so many things (PICTURES!) that I want to update on here - all good, for the record. :)

    In regards to the sound - no outcome yet. It has only happened one other time - this past weekend - also when we had strong winds and a storm. But still - it's no excuse for the amount of noise being made. We contacted our PM and he certainly wants to follow up on it, but needs to hear the sound. Sadly, so far we've only had it happen at night ... but I have my fingers crossed for a windy storm sometime soon during the day when he could come right in and listen.

    Amy's suggestion that it could be shingles gave me hope ... but it really sounds like more than that. And I certainly hear noise from the vent in our loft ... but there is no vent in our room where we're hearing the most of the noise when it does happen.

  6. Hi, we just signed the papers to build w/ Ryan in NE Ohio, too, but wanted to comment on this. Our old house that we just sold sounded like this during any wind - just like people were in our attic. Do you happen to have attic vents on each side of the house? That is what caused ours. It was pretty crazy, but nothing wrong. :)

  7. Hi Beth! YES - there are attic vents which is what we (along with neighbors experiencing the exact same issue) finally concluded was causing the issue. It's comforting to hear that you had the exact same 'issue' and that is what it was as well. It convinces me. It IS crazy sounding, but I've pretty much grown accustomed to it at this point!

    Good luck with your build!!