Friday, May 7, 2010

Let the Moving Begin!

It's unofficially the start of moving weekend.  This morning at 10am, a representative from the title company came to our house and we signed everything necessary for closing.  Due to some weekend plans that would make her unavailable, our buyer has signed all of her papers, too.  We're all set for the closing to be official on Monday.  That's a great feeling.

Kevin and I got the storage unit last Sunday, and have been taking car loads of boxes over each night.  Our goal is to have almost all of the boxes there so that we can focus all of everyone's time and energy on furniture tomorrow.

My parents will arrive with their truck tomorrow afternoon.  We get the uhaul at 1pm.  Friends should start showing up around that time as well.  I just hope that all goes smoothly and no furniture gets damaged in the transition.  We hope to just have to pack up our bed, our guest bed, and Riley's bed Sunday morning on my dad's truck - then we'll be out.  We don't officially hand over keys until the 15th, but if we have the house cleaned and yard cut prior to then, we'll hand them over early.  I want to give the place a good scrub - especially since I haven't done much cleaning in the past two weeks - so that when the buyer comes she feels good the moment she steps in the door!

Here we go - really about to embark on the next chapter of our lives!

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