Monday, May 31, 2010

Furniture has been ordered!

A handful of stores and catalogs later ... and after several weeks of comparing items ... we finally made all final decisions on the furniture that we need to order for the house and ordered it yesterday! We were able to order it and have them hold it for delivery until we're in the house - perfecto!

The couch set pictured above is the exact set we already have that we'll be putting in our basement.  After looking at every couch under the sun, we realized that we love this set SO much, that we should just buy it again for the living room, just in a different color.  The color swatch above is what we've special ordered.

This will be our dining room table and hutch.  The table has a 18" leaf as well.  We knew we wanted something with a backless bench and I think this piece is timeless!

We ordered two of these chairs.  The master bedroom has a sitting area and we will be putting these two chairs there with a small reading table in between.  They rock and recline ... ahhhhh.

This is the dinette set for the morning room.  We wanted something that looked 'fresh' in there.  It has a built-in 12" leaf.

I don't have pictures of the coffee table or end tables, but those were ordered yesterday as well!


  1. I love these choices Megan! Very home-y and classic.

  2. Thanks, Shannon! That is the exact feel we were going for, so I am glad to hear you say that!