Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sell ... Check. Move ... Check.

I just realized that two of the three main points of the title of this entire blog can be checked off of my list.  Sell ... check!  Move ... check!

Three days of pure exhaustion later, we are (almost) moved out of our house at 7436 Jeremy Avenue and settling in at my in-law's home. AND, yesterday we received the phone call that the title has fully transferred to the buyer and everything is officially complete in regards to the sale of our house. Ahhhhh - a breath of relief.

 The weather couldn't have been much worse for a moving day. It was very cold (low 50s), rainy, and just miserable. We were blessed to have a lot of help and they were all troopers. Kevin picked up the uhaul truck around 1pm. We had considered making the move without one - and using my dad's pickup to move all the furniture. That would have been a nightmare. It took three full uhaul trips to storage to get the main things out of the house ... and then some follow-up trucks with my dad's truck. I am just so, so thankful for the help and willingness of everyone through it all - no one ever complained or stopped until the job was done.

My parents stayed the night and got right back up with us on Mother's Day to continue boxing things up. I absolutely hate getting to the point where you just start throwing stuff into boxes. I am an overly organized person, so the thought of something being in a box with something else completely unrelated or even (gasp!) belonging in two separate rooms makes me itch ... but it had to be done. My mom shampooed nearly every square inch of our basement carpet while my Dad and Kevin took trip after trip of things to my in-law's house. My parents didn't leave on Sunday until 7:30pm ... to make their 3.5 hour drive back home. I am so, so appreciative of them.

I am just as appreciative of Kevin's parents. His mom watched Riley all day Saturday while we moved things out, and of course - the biggie - they've opened their home to us for the next several months. I must say it again - we are overly blessed.

So now what? We went to the development yesterday and met with our sales rep. We had to sign another addendum due to adding another outlet to a closet (where our components like DVR, DVD, etc will be housed for the main level). During this meeting we were scheduled for our pre-construction meeting with our project manager. We will be meeting with him on Friday, May 21st. We were also told the awesome news that there is a chance we could move ground-breaking up another week, meaning we could break ground as early as next Wednesday, May 19th. This would be INCREDIBLE if true. Going with their 10-week build estimate, this would put us right around July 28th to get our keys. Our storage unit contract renews on the 2nd of each month, and the manager there told me she could give us until the 5th to get things out, so this could shave one month off of our storage, saving us just over $200 from that. Love, love, love it! This just makes everything seem like it is happening so fast now. I can't wait until we see that big, beautiful basement dug!

Lastly, they have our SOLD sign for our lot and it should be going up this week. Of course, I must get a picture of it. And our SOLD sign will be posted in our front yard this Wednesday. We hand keys over on Saturday and that will be the end of our first chapter.

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