Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Finally, an update!

I am so, so behind on my postings! We broke ground on Friday, May 28th and I've been delightfully surprised at how quickly things are going. That afternoon we drove out to admire our big dirt hole. Knowing that no work would be done over the weekend or on Memorial Day, we didn't drive back out until Wednesday when we were shocked to see this:

Then we just happened to swing out there on Thursday and saw this:

We also met the couple building directly across the street from us. Small world - Kevin went to high school with the girl and graduated with her brother. She and her husband have a 17-month old son and another baby on the way, due in August. They were super sweet and it made us even more excited to get settled in to our new home!

These are two other houses across the street from us, as of last Wednesday. They are about two weeks ahead of us. It blows my mind to realize this is where we should be around Wednesday of next week!

According to the message left by our project manager, this week they will be backfilling around the foundation, and next week they start framing. I understand that the framing is done in an amazingly short 2-3 days. Incredible!

The best piece of news was when I received a phonecall from our sales rep last night. Understanding that things can and do change, she wanted to share that she received the latest production schedule and that we're slated to have a finished house at the very end of July. JULY! I can officially say that "next month" we'll be in our house! Unreal!
We are going to drive out tomorrow after work to see any additional progress. I can't wait!

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