Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pictures from the Pre-Drywall Meeting

Morning room.  The framing coming out from the right will be the breakfast bar.  The dishwasher and sink will be on the kitchen side of it.  Off of it, at about a 45 degree angle towards where I was standing, will be our gourmet island.

Living room.  Behind me is the kitchen, to the right of me is the morning room.  That is our fireplace.  You can see three of the speaker mounts in the ceiling (white things) and there are two rear speaker mounts just over my head.  To the left of this living room is the foyer, dining room, and half bath.

Standing in the foyer, looking into the living room.  Behind me is the front door, to the left of me is the dining room.  To my right are the stairs (up and down).

Master bathroom.  Tub and shower will be surrounded by tile and the shower walls will be glass.  Can you say squeegie?!

Dining room.  To the left of me is our front door.  To my right is our living room.

I think this is my favorite space.  The playroom for Riley and Baby-to-be!  This is in the basement, off of the main area.  French doors will close off that opening.  We thought this was going to be about 9x8.  It's 12x9.  SCORE!

Kitchen.  I am standing in the Morning room.  Living room is to my left.  If I turned just a little, you'd see the mud room/laundry room that you pass through to get to the garage.  In the corner there is the pantry.

And, the outside!  Not much has changed out here since the last pictures.  Two top right windows are to the loft - one of the rooms I didn't take pictures of.  LOVE that room.

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