Thursday, July 1, 2010


After playing phone tag with the Ryan Homes sales rep yesterday afternoon (no response to my email because that was to our specific sales rep, who was off work yesterday), Kevin and I decided to just drive out after work and discuss the stone situation in person. I was all ready to state my case, why it is only fair to provide us this option now, etc. etc ... and then to my surprise (and extreme pleasure), it was as simple as asking.

Me: "We noticed this morning that the house across the road has had stone installed on their exterior. We originally wanted stone, but were told that it wasn't an option. Our brick has been delivered and is to be installed Friday. Any chance that we can change to stone at this point?"

Rep: "Absolutely - let me just double check it's available for your model and then we can have you guys sign paper work. My manager just needs to give the okay, but as long as he does, the change can be done".

What?! It was that easy? Ryan Homes, redeemed! Glad that I only had to deal with about 8 hours of being upset about something - now I am thrilled! We are still waiting for the official phone call this morning that the manager gave his okay, but we cannot think for any reason at all why they wouldn't. And the price difference wasn't bad at all. Maybe that is because I was just expecting a lot more, but it was a $700 difference. Totally worth it, in my opinion, since this was our ideal preference and a part of the house we would never change once built.

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