Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Meetings Today

We are heading to the house after work today - I can't wait to see what was done over two days of time.  We're guessing that we either have a driveway and sidewalks, or all of our cabinets are installed.  We shall see!

We have a meeting with the patio guy first.  We are pretty sure we're going to go with a Flagstone patio off of the deck, but want him to actually see the property and talk about the actual dimensions.

Secondly we meet with the painter.  We received our first estimate last week.  It was higher than what we thought it would be, but then again, we've never used a professional painter, so maybe our expectations were just unrealistic.  We want him to actually see the house and what we'd need done and are hoping that the quote will come down as a result.

Of course, I'll be posting new pictures this evening!  Just think - three weeks from today we get our keys!

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