Saturday, July 17, 2010

Three Weeks to Go ...

We met our new Project Manager on Friday.  Just as everyone else we've dealt with from Ryan Homes through this experience, he is super friendly and very professional.  We met him just around lunch time, so it was a busy time of day in the house.  The flooring people were there and we were amazed at what had been accomplished just since that morning.  Our tile in the kitchen / dinette / morning room / laundry room had already been laid (minus grout), hardwood in the dining room / half bath / foyer was about three-fourths complete, and the vinyl for the other two bathrooms was being cut.  We didn't walk upstairs to the master bathroom, so we weren't sure what had been accomplished in there as far as flooring goes.

We listened in awe as our PM told us what will be accomplished next week:
  • Cabinets will all go in (we got to take a peek at them, as they are all sitting in the garage)
  • Appliances will go in
  • All lighting fixtures will be installed
  • Driveway and sidewalks will be poured
  • Fireplace stone will be installed
  • Second coat of primer
Next week is huge.  He said it is one of the most exciting weeks at the house because it really all comes together.  We are going to head back out next Thursday again to take a peek at it all.  I can't wait!

The following week (week of July 26th), the following will be done:
  • Siding
  • Carpeting
The week after that (week of August 2nd), the following will be done:
  • "Punch outs", where the PM goes around the house and puts pieces of blue tape on all blemishes, dings, and any imperfections he can find.
  • Cleaning crew comes in and cleans top to bottom.
And the week after that?  Well then, we become true owners of our new house!!  We are still scheduled to close on Monday, August 9th and receive keys on August 10th!

Now it is all happening very, very fast!

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