Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Two Weeks to Go ...

Why do I feel like these two weeks are going to just creep by painfully and slowly?  It is as though we're so close that it hurts.  On the very last day in our old house, I made a chain of paper links - the type we all made back in grade school to count down to a special holiday - to count down to when we should be in the house.  When I created that chain it had seventy-three links on it. Now just fourteen links remain.

Kevin and I both agree that we're most likely going to stop by the house every single day from here on out.  Tonight when we stopped, workers were still hard at work, installing siding and painting the exterior door frames and column on the front porch.  When we were in the house a few days ago, we made notes of all of the 'imperfections' that we saw - a ding in the wall, a smudge of paint on the ceiling, etc.  Today when we walked through, all of those areas (and more) had already been fixed.  This is what Ryan Homes calls their 'Punchout week'.  Technically it begins next week, but it is when the Project Manager goes through the house, scouring it for marks, dings, and anything that keeps it from being perfect for the homeowner to move into. 

Oh - and that kitchen hardware?  I actually love it.  I spoke too quickly last time, without seeing it with the stainless steel appliances.  It compliments them and the sink beautifully and I am glad we didn't mention anything to the project manager afterall.

I have new pictures to share and I can't stop looking at them tonight.  It still feels as though I am looking at someone else's home, or just walking through a model.  I still cannot fully comprehend and wrap my mind around the fact that this is going to be "our" home.  Our dream home.  My dream family.


  1. You are going to have a beautiful house! I noticed in your pictures that they are putting the siding directly over the OSB instead of using a moisture barrier or "house wrap." Do you know why? We are building with Ryan in PA where all the houses built after January 1st are getting a reflective thermal wrap around the house and underneath the siding. I was told that this was because every contract signed after January 1, 2010 will get an energy star certified home. I was just curious what they've told you. Thanks in advance!

  2. Wow wow wow! That kitchen is gorgeous! And the siding looks about the same color siding we are doing :)

  3. Anon - Thank you so much! I must say that I fall more in love with it each time we visit! I have a partial answer for you regarding the siding. First, I am not sure why we don't have a thermal house wrap - it really never crossed my mind to ask until you mentioned something. However, I can say that our home is Energy Star Certified. About a week after the framing was all complete and the roof was on (I believe that was the timeline), the Energy Star inspector visited the house and did an evaluation. According to our PM, all Ryan Homes MUST pass that evaluation before they can move forward. So there is a half answer for you. Now my curiosity is peaked, however, so I'll be asking the next time I speak with our PM! Best of luck to you in your home!!

    @ Shannon - I think I could stare at the kitchen the entire time we're at the house, as could Kevin! I love your (and my) choice of siding!! How exciting for you! It can completely transform the look of a house!