Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One Piece of Advice ...

Our meetings last night went really well. We're pleased with what the patio guy can do and the price he can do it for. He has asked us to check with our PM about the dirt in the back of the house once it comes time to grade the land. He would like to come and place stakes where the patio will be and ask them not to touch any of that dirt - otherwise we're going to have to end up paying for dirt to be brought back in and built back up. Definitely not something we want to have to do. So we have that call to make.

The painter should be emailing me today with his final quote. He would start the very evening that we get the keys (Tues or Weds) and be finished by Saturday evening. We're happy to hear this.

All of the trim is up in the house now as well as painted, and all doors have been painted but not hung. Our cabinets were in place in the kitchen and look beautiful. One is damaged, but I am not going to worry about that right now, as I assume they'll be replacing it without me saying a word. I'll follow up, of course, but not going to let it worry me.

A current piece of advice for those of you going through the selection process for your colors, upgrades, etc is to document everything. Even the little details that you don't think will matter or that you're sure you'll remember. So much happens that you most likely will not remember. Specifically, I am bringing this up because of the hardware on our kitchen cabinets, as we believe it is wrong. Kevin and I both specifically remember saying that we wanted oil rubbed bronze hardware and this would make sense, seeing as how all of our light fixtures, door fixtures, and bathroom hardware is oil rubbed bronze. The hardware is brushed nickel, which I personally am not a fan of.
I went through EVERY piece of paperwork last night looking for something to show that we wanted the oil rubbed bronze, but it looks like right now all we have is our memory of it. I am not sure how well that will hold up when bringing this to our PM's attention. Worst, worst case, we go to Home Depot and pick out our own hardware and replace, but we definitely would rather have them put it on with no additional expense to us. I'll let you know the outcome.


  1. That is a bummer about the hardware but thank goodness its as easy a fix as just picking up what you want from the store. So excited to see how its coming along. I can't believe there is only a couple weeks left!!

  2. Actually, after visiting the house last night - and seeing the stainless steel appliances, sink and faucet (all of which we selected to be stainless), I really like the look of the hardware! Glad we didn't bring it up to the project manager yet!!