Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lots of Updates!

I have really been slacking on the updates.  May I blame the stomach flu that I had this past weekend?

As of right now, all drywalling is completed, taped and mudded!

This week will be spent priming the entire house.  Next week, flooring is installed!  That just seems like such a huge step to me.  Carpet will not be installed yet, though ... so flooring just includes the hardwood and tile. 

Our PM called last week to share the news that he is being transferred, so we've been assigned a new PM.  He left us a voicemail yesterday and we returned his voicemail today.  I hope that we can set up a time to meet with him in this next week or so.

Last night we went to the house to meet with the contractor that we used for SO much stuff at the old house.  We are wanting to get things all set up for he and his team to come and build our deck and patio.  We'd like this to be done starting the day after we close so that within days of actually moving in, everything is 'done'. 

Here is the decking we've decided on, as well as the railing.  Also shown is a picture that we found of how we'd like the flagstone patio to look:

I am also contacting painters to get quotes on painting the house.  This is a amazingly generous housewarming gift from my parents and we're SO appreciative, as this will save us (by 'us' I mean Kevin ... ha!) so much time and energy.  I hope to have someone lined up by the end of the week.  The only thing is that Ryan Homes will not allow ANYONE (not even a professional painter) into the house to do any work of any sort until we've closed on the house. 

Lastly, Kevin and I have started our last minute shopping for things for the house such as ceiling fans, bathroom shower curtains, etc.  We've been putting it off, but now realizing we have exactly four weeks (FOUR weeks from today!!), we need to get a move on with things.


  1. Just thought I would throw this out there...I thought I heard somewhere that it wasn't a great idea to paint a new house until it has had a chance to end up having to repaint to cover any nail pops or small cracks that may appear and it is cheaper to do the real painting after the settling and fixing has occurred. I could be wrong on this and I wish I knew where I heard that or read that, but thought I would throw that out there

  2. Also meant to say that I think the deck material looks great and the patio will be awesome as well. That is fantastic that you can actually get that done before closing. I figured you would have had to wait.

  3. Just wanted to say thanks for writing this blog! You've inspired me to write my own! :-) Good luck with your house!

  4. @ Shannon - Thank you!! :)

    @ Bdeandel - You've definitely heard that about painting and the effect that the settling process of a new house can have on painted walls and are absolutely correct. Our sales rep gave us the heads up that we certainly will see some cracks and nail pops. They will come back to look at this at the 45 day inspection (believe it is 45 days) as well as the 10-month and will make all repairs to nail pops and cracks ... but if we've painted, they will not touch up paint for us - that is on us to do. And then you have the risk of 'flashing', where your touchups are noticeable. Knowing this and taking it all into consideration, my husband and I have decided (deep breath!) to go ahead and paint once we close anyhow, as we personally would rather risk flashing but not have to live with stark white walls for 10 months. Granted, feel free to say "Told you so!" if I post in the future, griping about the touch-ups needed, etc! :)

    Thanks for the compliment on the decking! The railing will match the decking - that pic was just to show the style. And maybe I misspoke (will re-read my post and correct if so ...), but no, we cannot have the deck done before we close. We are just getting all of our ducks in a row so that the deck contractors will start their work the very next day after our closing. SO wish they could start earlier!

    @ Kristine - You're so welcome! Thank YOU for reading it! Best of luck with your own blog and your house!! (Assuming it is for a house!)

  5. Would never dream of saying I told you so about the painting, just wanted to share that information...especially since you are doing a great job and taking the time to share your experience. Don't worry about your earlier post about getting the deck done...I misread it.