Friday, July 2, 2010

So ... I Take That Back ...

Well, we don't have stone now.  Back to brick. 

Remember how I said I was awaiting a phone call from our sales rep yesterday to confirm that they received their manager's 'okay' for our change?  I hadn't heard anything by 4pm, so I called.  I don't exactly understand the explanation, but apparently it has something to do with the topo.  At this point the topo would have to be changed and the city would have to do some approvals, etc.  I wasn't exactly sure what this meant so I asked if it meant that we would have had to have been on a different lot (thinking topography of the land).  "No".  She told me that if we were doing just vinyl siding - no brick - we could make the change at this point, but that the ledge is prepared for brick, not stone.

Not fully understanding - and I am sure I didn't relay everything word for word - Kevin called our project manager just to understand better.  His explanation was simply that it is too late in the process to make that type of  a change.  We get it, we understand it.  We can't be mad at Ryan Homes and we aren't.  We're disappointed, but will still be very happy with the brick and our home and don't want this to taint our excitement in one bit.

And it won't.

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