Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We Have Carpet!

This evening's visit to the house revealed that all the carpet has been installed.  I am so very happy with our selections.  I took pictures, but am running out of steam tonight, so I'll get those uploaded tomorrow. 

All that remains left to be done are shutters, gutters, a small bit of siding on the side of the house, fridge, microwave and stove set in place (they are currently sitting in the morning room), and our French doors to the playroom installed.  Other than that, just cleaning and the remaining 'punch outs' by our PM.

I've left a message for our Guardian rep this evening and am hoping to hear from him tomorrow.  In the living room we opted to have them do wiring for us to hang a television on the fireplace and then run all the component cables, as well as speaker wires into the hallway closet, where we're be placing all components up on a shelf (I completely prefer things hidden rather than making an area look cluttered).  I expected to open the closet and see speaker wire tied off, but instead I found myself staring at what appears to be a LOT of component jacks, labeled 'front speakers', 'rear speakers', 'subwoofer', etc.  No wire to be seen.  I am just a bit confused as to how we will hook this up to our home theater receiver, as I've always connected straight speaker wire.  Maybe I am just completely missing something here or someone out there reading this can help me out.  If not, I hope Guardian has an answer for me in the morning.

One of the people across the street from us appeared to be moving in this evening.  They are in the house that was always just about two weeks ahead of us ... and that still seems to be right on track, as we'll receive our keys in just thirteen days.

Time to go rip another link off of the paper chain ...


  1. If it's anything like my component jacks, those gold rigid knobs turn and then your speaker wire slides right into them, and then you turn them the other way to tighten the knobs down onto the wires...make sense?

  2. Amy - Thanks for the comment! Now that makes sense to me. However ... we had the surround sound speakers mounted into the ceiling by Guardian, so I would assume there is wire already attached to those speakers that should be running thru the ceiling and then into that closet ... so I actually need to see wire that I plug into my receiver, not a place to put wire from my receiver into the wall. Did I just become more confusing?

  3. Guess I should mention that the back of my receiver has the male/female (black/red) slots for the raw speaker wire ... no jack of any sort.

  4. Hi, we just moved into our new Ryan (Milan model) in Pittsburgh last week. I've been following your posts and your home is coming together nicely!

    Because you have a receiver with raw speaker wire, you need to buy Dynex Speaker Wire Banana Plugs. Here's a link to them at Best Buy I had to do the same thing in my last house. You will also need a precision screwdriver set because the plugs have a small screw in them and this is how you secure the raw speaker wire into the banana plugs. If your subwoofer is hardwired, you will need to get RCA plugs. I bought one with the wire on it and spliced/connected it to the wire coming out of my subwoofer. However, I also needed another one to attach to the wall behind the receiver as well, so I took an old RCA wire I had and used one of those plugs. Not the best way to do it but it works.

  5. ThriftyAmy is most likely correct. The speaker wires are running from the jack on the wall thru the ceiling to your speakers. You just need to connect your receiver to the jack on the will have to provide that connection with your own speaker wire from the back of your receiver to the jack on the wall.

  6. An update for everyone - Amy and Bdeandel were correct in regards to our specific situation with the speaker wire. Our Guardian rep called me yesterday and confirmed that I can just screw off the component caps and run speaker wire (16 guage, minimum recommended) directly from my receiver into the opening, then screw shut, creating a connection. Thanks to everyone for helping me out with suggestions!!