Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Our Dates are Finalized!

We are less than a week away from our closing!  It feels as though this will be the longest week of all throughout the entire process, due to our extreme excitement. 

  • Monday. 8/9:  Pre-Settlement meeting with our project manager; Sign closing papers with mortgage company
  • Tuesday, 8/10:  Receive keys!
Movers aren't coming to our house until Friday, so in the days in between we'll have the painters coming in, deck and patio guys doing their thing, and we'll be unpacking some boxes that we've had here at my in-law's house.  All of the new furniture we ordered as well as the washer and dryer will be delivered earlier in the week as well.  Things are finally coming together!

My only piece of advice at this point in the game for those of you going through this process is to really communicate at this point and don't wait for your sales rep or PM to communicate with you.  We weren't getting a completely clear answer as to when we'd get our keys versus sign our closing papers.  Our sales rep said keys on Wednesday, but our PM said keys on Tuesday.  This was an important detail to us since we had painters and contractors to schedule.  After asking our sales rep again, she said some people get keys on the day that they sign the papers, some don't - at that point it is more up to the mortgage company.

After hearing that, we decided to just contact our mortgage company ourselves and ask.  Turns out they provided us with a phone number and contact name and told us we had to call and schedule a meeting time to sign all of our papers.  We would have never known this had we not taken control of the situation.  I'd hate to think that maybe we could have been delayed had we not taken this step.  So when you get to this point, just make sure to over communicate.


  1. Thanks for the great advice. How exciting that you'll soon be in your new home!

  2. I've never heard of not getting your keys on the day you close. It's your house once you sign the papers so you have the right to get your keys immediately. What if something were to happen to the home between the time you sign the papers and receive your keys. You would be responsible, therefore I would refuse to close until you have the keys in your possession. Just my thoughts ...

  3. k m - No problem! You'll be at this point before you know it!

    Jchioda - This was odd to us as well. I left a message with our PM today asking if it is just a matter of logistics since he is the one to drop the keys to our sales office. If so, then we're willing to drive to wherever he is to get them!

  4. I talked with our PM about the fact we'll be signing papers on Monday but getting keys on Tuesday. He said the money transaction/transfer has to complete and that happens Tuesday morning (we sign late afternoon/early evening on Monday). Once the transaction is completed we will get the keys. So if something were to (God forbid) happen to the house between the time we sign and have keys in hand, it is still technically Ryan Homes', not ours, and liability would fall on them.