Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I've Been MIA ...

I've been DYING to get on here to blog and post updates since our official move-in, etc.  We are still without phone and internet service at the house and will be without it until this Friday, so I'll be doing a LOT of catch up with pictures, etc. at that point.

We're all in and pretty well settled with the exception of a few more boxes to plow through.  It is really starting to feel like home and I am absolutely loving the house.  I do have several topics to write more on, which I'll do this weekend, but I think some of it will be good tips and advice for those of you going through this process.  We've already come across some lessons learned, albeit rather minor.  Here are the top three topics I want to make sure that I remember to talk more in depth about:
  1. Guardian - Advice if you purchased surround sound pre-wiring, security system, and/or outdoor speakers
  2. Unpacking process
  3. Yard installation (hydroseeding and mulch)
Can't wait to blog more soon!

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