Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Keys, Keys, Keys!!

This afternoon we'll receive the call that we've counted down to for three months now - KEYS!  I was just looking back at my calendar and saw that we listed our old house for sale back on March 13th.  It will have been exactly five months to the day when we officially move into our house this Friday.  That's incredible to me.  In five month's time we have listed a house, sold a house, and built a house.  Extreme Makeover Home Edition has nothin' on us!  :)

I meant to mention this in my Pre-Settlement posting yesterday.  I am a nut about child-proofing our home and I am sure this is a little gadget that all moms are all too familiar with:
Seeing as how I feel that the number of outlets in this house is about 4-5 times the number we had in the old house, I stocked up on this outlet protectors the other day.  While they're really pretty cheap, I was relieved to hear yesterday that I can return them, and save the energy of plugging them in to all the outlets in the house!  The outlets that Ryan Homes now use have this little wall behind the opening for the outlet prongs.  The ONLY way that this 'wall' will open up is if both of them are pressed on at the same time, as it would be if you were legitimately plugging something in.  So no little fingers can go where they shouldn't!  This is brilliant to me.  My joke was that we're now safe with outlets unless my daughter gets ahold of TWO knives!  Anyhow, I love this, as I always hated scratching up outlet covers when the time to remove a plug came around.


  1. You'll be at this same point in NO time!!! :)

  2. Congrats and I really can't believe you will not be camping out in your new house. It would totally drive me crazy if I had to wait.