Monday, June 21, 2010

Oh ... and One More Thing

I feel that this is worthy of being mentioned.  We've never been through the building process, so I am not sure exactly what is to be expected, but I guess I wouldn't have been surprised at all to walk around the work site as the house is being built and have to step over scraps, or see piles of sawdust, loose nails here and there, and possibly this afternoon's lunch-time Coke can sitting on our property. 

Well, what did surprise me is that with our house we've found NONE of that.  Every single day that we've visited the site and walked around the house and peeked inside, we've not seen a single scrap, pile of sawdust, or remnants of that workday whatsoever.  I am super, super impressed by this for some reason and just felt that it was worthy of being mentioned!

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