Monday, June 21, 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes

My last post contained pictures that were taken last Wednesday after work - the framing of the first floor of the house was complete.  For kicks, we stopped back by the house the very next day and were amazed.  Absolutely amazed.  I've heard that the building process for Ryan Homes is a well-oiled machine, and so far I am a big believer.  TWO days to frame an entire house, start to finish?  That is incredible!

Our project manager has been calling us faithfully every week with updates, which is very nice - and I guess that I would have this expectation anyhow.  He called Friday morning.  On Friday they were pouring the concrete in the basement and in the garage.  I was amazed to see that the house is completely framed and then the basement is poured.  I assume there is a very good reason for this, just not sure what it is.  And frankly, I don't care as long as things turn out right in the end, right?

Friday afternoon the plumbing inspector and another inspector would be out to look over things, then he said that the roof would start on Monday.  Well, we stopped out this afternoon, around 2pm, and saw that not only had the roofing started, but it was just about complete.  The men were just finishing up the last part of the morning room.  Again - incredible.  And we were out there Friday night (can you tell we're anxious?), so we know for a fact the roofing didn't begin until this morning.

The rest of this week will be electrical and plumbing work and we'll be meeting with our PM and the Guardian rep next week (day TBD) for our pre-drywall meeting and mark-out meetings, respectfully.  I can't believe that we have just about six weeks to go until we get to move into our home!

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