Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pre-Wire Meeting

During lunch today we drove out to the house to meet with our Guardian Technologies rep for our mark-out meeting.  During this time we walked through the house and literally marked on the studs with spray paint where cable jacks, phone jacks, surround sound speakers, and any additional wiring was going to go.  This gave us the first opportunity to actually walk through our house and see everything.  Wouldn't you know it, my camera died.

Everyone told us how the house would look small when you saw it framed and would look much larger once the drywall was complete.  They are right.  Until I got to the basement.  In the Florence model, if you choose to finish the basement, there is a standard section that is finished and another section that is unfinished storage.  We were able to request that some customization be done to our basement, where we wanted to finish a larger portion of the storage, and close it off with French doors.  The plan is to have this be Riley's playroom (and baby-to-be's!) and once they are older, turn it into a workout room.  We had this idea after seeing the model Florence where they had finished an extra portion to use as their design center.

Anyhow, when we walked to the basement, I was blown away with how large the finished area looks.  BLOWN.  AWAY.  Granted, the Florence model near us is an older version Florence and doesn't have the larger morning room on it ... so the basement is smaller as a result.  This will be our first time to see a larger finished area, but if it is true that spaces look smaller when framed and larger when finished, I think we're going to be absolutely amazed at this massive playroom.  I couldn't be happier - the more room for toys, the better!

A team of about four electricians were on-site working while we were at the house.  They were all extremely friendly and carried on small chit chat with us - something that makes a difference in my eyes. 

About 45 days to go.  I feel like as we get closer and closer to a finished product, it becomes more and more painful to wait!

Also, early this morning Kevin received a message from our project manager.  He was informing us that the basement had been framed and he was expecting us to be "very happy" with it (wonder if he realized how gigundous the playroom looked as well!).  Additionally, he'll be calling in a day or so to schedule our pre-drywall meeting for early next week.  Exciting stuff!

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