Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mark-Out Meeting with Guardian Technologies

I just received a voicemail from our rep with Guardian Technologies.  This is the company that handles all of our electronic wiring (speakers, components, cable jacks).  We knew that this meeting would be coming shortly, as it is necessary to have it before drywall begins so that we can literally mark on the studs where certain things should be (such a cable jacks for wall-mounted televisions). 

Anyhow, our rep just informed me that our pre-wire (not sure exactly what that is) was supposed to be Friday, but has been moved up to today and that it is imperative he meet with us tomorrow at some point to do the mark out.  Basically, I took one thing from that whole message:  "... been moved up to today".  Anything being moved up is good news to me.

So we'll be meeting with him tomorrow during our lunch hour to do our mark out.  Fun stuff!

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