Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just Some Ideas ...

I had some Kohl's Cash burning a hole in my pocket, so I jumped over there at lunch today.  Trying my best to not spend on anything unnecessary, I stayed within my Kohls Cash limit and picked up two ultra plush bath towels.  I refuse to let them be used before we set foot in our new home, so they'll be packed away promptly. 

While there, a few house decorations caught my eye.  Insisting that I want to very carefully plan out all of the decor in the new house, I decided to snap a few pictures of things that I liked. 

Clocks.  I love wall clocks, although we have NONE hanging in our current home.  Seeing as how the basement will be used for playing games and watching games, I think I like this for down there:

And I think I like these two for the main floor living room:

Wall art.  Big, beautiful wall art is certainly in no short supply in all of the model homes.  It is something our home lacks, but I believe that to be because it just doesn't 'fit'.  Here are a few pieces that caught my eye.  The circular art piece would be nice in a bathroom or dining room, perhaps.

Lastly, shower curtains and accessories.  I happened to walk past these on my way to the towels and this one in particular caught my eye for the hallway full bath on the 2nd level.  I think I would like to do something a little more fun for the basement full bath.

Oh.  And oversized candle sticks and hurricanes.  Must have some somewhere.

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