Saturday, March 20, 2010

Our First Showing

Today was the very first showing of our house.  We're exhausted.  Assuming that preparing for the first showing would be the most difficult one, we powered through getting extra things packed up and out of the way, finishing the last painting touches, etc.  I think I slept about 4.5 hours last night.  And I can't complain - Kevin did much more physically demanding work than I did.

I have absolutely no clue how the 9:30am showing went.  Here is what I do know:
  • The people did show up.  This was confirmed during the third drive by that I did during the showing period.  Psycho?  Maybe a little.  =)
  • This showing was not done by an agent that works at our realtor's office, so my realtor wasn't able to give me any immediate feedback (he will have some by Wednesday).
Shortly after the showing when we returned to our house, we received a call asking for authorization of another showing at 1:30pm.  Jackpot!  The house was already in immaculate condition from being all ready for the morning's showing.  Of course, Riley was taking an incredible nap and I had to wake her from it.  Figures.

We were literally JUST shutting the car door to pull out of the driveway when a car pulled in.  A woman quickly stepped out and I saw two other people sitting in her car.  She was the realtor.  She introduced herself to me and then noted that this couple thought that this listing was on "new Jeremy".  Half of our street was developed in the 60s/70s ... the other half in the 80s or so.  Apparently 1980 = new.  So it turned out they weren't interested in seeing the house.  Okay, I thought, but the realtor still wanted to be shown around, as she thinks she has someone who would be interested.  I thought it was kind of odd - and snotty, if you ask me - that the people simply waited in the realtor's car while she and I spent 5-10 minutes inside the house.  You'd think that they'd at least come look since they were waiting anyhow.  Whatever.  What I focused on was that she thinks she may have someone who could be interested, so I pray to hear from her again.

Thus the end of the view and a half of our house today.  I am wondering what tomorrow will bring, being a Sunday.  I know that this could be a very long road, and I am afraid that I may be disappointed if things don't move quickly, because I know in my heart that I've convinced myself that they will.

Lastly, just before blogging, I noticed that the pictures that were taken of the house on Thursday are now online.  I am disappointed.  I just feel like the pictures don't nearly do the house justice.  I am worried that this could seriously impact potentially interested parties.  Thankfully, Kevin disagrees.  He thinks the pictures are great and that I am over-analyzing.  This made me feel better - maybe I am just a little emotional or something, who knows.

I'm exhausted.  Riley must be feeling it, too, because she was in bed nearly an hour before she normally goes down.  I am following her lead and heading to bed as well.  Tomorrow I hope to write about the upgrades we have selected for the house.

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