Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Welcome to our Adventure!

Sell.  Move.  Build.

If all goes well, these three steps will be consuming our lives for the next several months.  My husband and I have been married nearly five years and have a 15-month-old daughter.  My husband owned our current home when I met him.  He purchased it from the estate when his grandmother passed away and he has since gutted and renovated almost every square inch of it, truly transforming it into a home for his girls.

But we're ready to take that next step.  So we're selling.  And we're building.  Since we don't trust the current housing market / economy enough to take the risk of a second mortgage in order to begin building before selling, there will most likely be another step that comes in between the two - a temporary move.  More details on that later.

I have already written a few posts about the beginning of our Sell. Move. Build. journey here, on my other blog, but felt that it was unfair to hijack that blog for something as large as this.  So join us on our journey of the unknown as we pray to sell our house and embark on building the house of our dreams with Ryan Homes!

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