Saturday, March 27, 2010

Not Too Much Going On

Nothing too much to report on right now.  We had two more showings on Thursday and one on Friday, bringing us to a grand total of seven within five days of the listing being online with pictures.  I am anxious to hear the feedback when we receive our weekly update call on Wednesday.  We continue to live in the cleanest, most well-kept house I've ever lived in, just in case the phone rings with a showing request.  We need to be able to evacuate quickly!

We checked out a couple builders other than Ryan Homes tonight.  We felt it very necessary to continue to do our due diligence and make sure that we've looked at other locations, models and builders, just so that we are completely confident in whatever our end decision is.  Since we've not signed any contracts with Ryan Homes / Heisley Park, now is the perfect time to shop around.

Conclusion: we're pretty confident in our decision to go with Ryan Homes at Heisley Park.  One new development looked nice from the exterior, but the houses themselves had very little to offer.  They were nice and pretty - but nothing that really 'wowed' us - and nothing that bought us much more room than we have now.  Plus, they were about $50k more all said and done than the Florence with Ryan Homes.  Ouch.

We did look at some Barrington homes - one model that is for sale, in particular.  Now it was amazing, but out of our price range.  The plus to it is that they are willing to throw in any of the furnishings that you want, and it is completely decorated (very tastefully, I must say) and absolutely ready to go.  It has a TON of customizations and was just beautiful.  I've always liked it from the outside and am excited I finally got to see the interior.  We did grab some literature from them and drove around to look at the neighborhood.  Very nice, but again - I don't believe it is in our price range - or if it was, we'd have a pretty simplistic house, I assume.

Meanwhile, we've both been searching online listings for pre-existing homes ... and for the same price that we can build a pretty decked out house for, we can't find anything that equally impresses us. 

We drove back out to Heisley Park to look at lots again.  380.  We think this may be our lucky number, if it is still available once our house sells. 

Please sell, house ... please sell!

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