Friday, March 19, 2010

The Stagers Were Here Today

The staging team arrived bright and early this morning to look through the house and give us some suggestions as to what we could do with colors, furniture arrangements, etc to really draw a buyer in even more.  It was really neat to see some of their past work and hear their opinions on our house.

1.  The first thing out of their mouths were raving reviews about the exterior of the house.  "It has great curb appeal; it's beautiful - you don't need to do a thing".  That made us feel really good.

2.  They recognized our affinity for the color brown.  They suggested we add some color splashes here and there through the house to make the rooms pop even more.  We love neutrals and it shows.  I've already been shopping this morning and a beautiful deep shade of red is interwoven through the main rooms now.  Love it.

3.  They actually didn't suggest I put all of Riley's toys into storage, which I was completely expecting.  Since there is a definitive area of our basement designated as a play area, they just suggested we put everything in there - and it is actually okay to be 'cluttered' since it is a child's area.

4.  Sadly, and although I knew it was coming, we had to remove every single picture in our house (other than artwork).  Wow, it looks empty without Riley staring back at me from the walls!  But it really does allow the eye to view the space as even larger than it is.

We will be working with these ladies again in the near future - we've decided we'll most likely consult with them to pick out our entire color palette for the new house.  Tomorrow morning is our first showing.  I have no idea who the agent is who is showing it - for all I know, it could be our own realtor.  I kind of hope it is, since he is working in our best interest, of course!

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