Monday, August 9, 2010

Closing Day!

Happy Closing Day to us!!  This morning our paper chain officially has one link remaining - and that one will disappear tomorrow when we receive our keys and officially own our new home!

This morning we had our Pre-Settlement meeting with our project manager.  This meeting took exactly two hours and we were given a LOT of information during that time.  Information such as specifics about appliances, the AC and heating, hot water tank, fireplace, warranties, who to call when, what specific cleaners to use on what, etc.  As we walked room-to-room, we noticed a few more things that needed to be touched up and our project manager was happy to say he'd get right on them and they'd be fixed by tomorrow.  They were all minor things, such as:

- A little paint on the carpet of the master closet
- A chip in the door trim on the inside of the master bathroom
- A smude of paint on the handrail on the stairs
- Etc.

A couple things that I learned we need to do that I didn't realize, for whatever reason:
- Concrete sealant.  We have to apply a concrete sealant to our driveway, garage floor, walkway to front door and front stoop.  This is to keep away the absorption of water.  It is very important we do this before freezing season begins.  I have no idea what this will cost, but do know that you simply roll it onto the concrete with a paint roller. 

- Grout sealer.  I had just assumed this would be done by Ryan homes, but it isn't.  It isn't a huge deal and I plan to head to the house tomorrow night and do this myself while my husband is handling larger jobs.  We need to seal the kitchen, morning room, laundry room, and master bathroom.  Not a huge deal.

All in all we are absolutely, 100% thrilled and content up to this point.  I cannot believe that this is OUR home.  Even today I kept trying to convince myself of that, but kept falling back into the feeling that I was simply walking through a model or someone else's home.  I cannot wait to start getting our things moved in and settling down - just one more day until that begins to happen!

This afternoon we will drive out to the mortgage office and sign our papers.  Tomorrow, early afternoon, we should receive the call that our keys are ready to be picked up!  At that point we'll head directly to the house (with both cars already loaded) and start getting some little things unloaded and the painter will meet us there as well to get his work started.  On Wednesday we have several deliveries lined up as well as Dish Network coming out to install a new dish and set up our cable. 

It is really taking all of my will power not to try and convince my hubby to go to Home Depot and rent their $19.95 truck so that we can grab our mattresses from storage and just camp out in the new house prior to our formal move-in of this Friday!! 

I took a lot of pictures today - some of which will probably look like repeats - so please bear with me.

Morning room.


Living room

Living room, into dining room

Looking down the upstairs hallway.

Upstairs full bath.

Master bedroom.

Master bathroom.

Basement, looking into playroom.(In the Florence model this is typically unfinished storage, but Ryan Homes allowed us to do some minor customization by finishing the area and adding the French doors.  We still have a LOT of storage space left!

Basement, looking into playroom.


Basement full bath.

Basement, looking back at full bath and under-stair storage.

Playroom, looking into additional storage.

Playroom!  (I am DYING to get my hands on the setup and decorating of this room!)

Playroom, looking out into living room.

This pretty much sums up how we ALL feel - so excited that we want to do somersaults!


  1. How exciting! Your house looks amazing. Congratulations and thanks for the heads up about the driveway!

  2. Congratulations! The house looks so beautiful! I hope you have a smooth move this weekend!