Friday, August 6, 2010

Last Weekend Without a House of Our Own!

Wow.  Technically, after today our house will be FINISHED!  Granted, we assume there will still be a few things for them to finish on Monday morning ... and our yard will be rock-hounded and the lawn hydroseed sprayed early next week.  However, the house-house will be DONE! 

We stopped out yesterday to see how things were going, as there were still a couple 'big' things to be completed.  One of the kitchen cabinet doors above the fridge arrived broken, so we had been waiting for the replacement.  We were awaiting the placement of the appliances.  We were also waiting for our shower glass to be installed in the master bath as well as the french doors in the basement that lead into the playroom, which is the customization we added down there.

The french doors open off of the main basement area into an additional area we had finished; this will be a playroom.  (Doors have paper over the glass right now for installation)

Kitchen with appliances installed!  I think it looks super sharp!

View of kitchen from the morning room.

Master bathroom tub and shower.

Master bath shower.  Not so sure about the space at the top of the glass door - about 1/2".  We'll have to ask our PM about this during the pre-settlement meeting on Monday.


  1. It looks really nice!!! How exciting!

    I'm really wishing we had added french doors where our formal living room is for a play room. Oh well. Later, maybe!

  2. Wow! Everything looks amazing! I love the french doors in the basement. I was so relieved to see your kitchen. We chose the same cabinets you have and I've been so worried that they're going to be too dark, but you've certainly reassured me. It looks wonderful!
    Quick question - did you pay extra for the hardware on the cabinets? I don't remember that even being mentioned/offered to us. Was that a nonstandard upgrade?

  3. Thanks to you both!

    Kristine - I would assume adding the doors to your formal living rm later wouldn't be a big deal at all! I just love that it can be our daughter's own separate area, yet still open!

    k m - So happy that the kitchen pictures have reassured you! I was concerned about the same thing at first, but then the new model in our development had them installed (coincidentally with the same granite we picked as well), and the minute I saw it, I fell in love! We don't remember talking about the hardware either (because at first we couldn't remember if we even talked about it or if we did, why we didn't ask for oil rubbed bronze to match everything else). But now I am thrilled with the brushed nickel with the stainless steel appliances. Anyhow, I went back through all our paperwork and it wasn't anything extra at all - I just assume they all come with the brushed nickel. Hope that helps!

  4. I'm so glad you posted pictures - keep'em coming!!

  5. I have been following everyone's blog from the beginning and oh how helpful it has been. I am building with Ryan in the Delaware area, I am building the Rome and should settle in October. I have already started using some if the suggestions

    Your home is beautiful!!!!

  6. Sooo pretty!!! I'm sure you are super excited! I can't wait until we get to that far away but well worth the weight. We went with the dark kitchen cabinets and they look great.

  7. Thank you everyone! Such a compliment that you continue to follow this blog and I am so happy it has been helpful! Pictures and more updates to come... As soon as this Internet / phone situation gets remedied!