Monday, April 19, 2010

Flooring, Flooring and More Flooring!

This afternoon we had our flooring meeting - our last and final meeting of picking things out (aside from a follow-up meeting with Guardian Technologies about some changes we want to make).  This was a lot of fun, just a teeny bit stressful, and more expensive than we had planned - but we kept focused on the fact that we want to do this the right way the first time and pick out exactly what we want!

Here are pictures of our selections:

Here is what we've selected for the master bathroom.  The soaking tub will be surrounded by the middle tile and then the top decorative tile.  The shower will have two full walls of the middle tile accented by the top decorative tile, and two full walls of glass.  Lastly, the bottom tile will be the bathroom flooring.

Here you can see our cabinet color.  (See my prior post to see our cabinets with the granite countertops).  Below it you can see the color of hardwood flooring that we've chosen, along with the ceramic tile.  The hardwood will be in the entry way, the dining room, the hallway to the living room and in the half bath.  All of these areas are connected, so you won't see a break in the flooring.  The ceramic tile will be in the kitchen, the morning room, and in the laundry room - also all connected.  At no point will the hardwood butt up against the ceramic tile, beacuse the living room separates the two areas and it will be carpeted.  The stain color of the hardwood floor is also what our stair rail and fireplace mantel stain will be.

Here are the two carpets we've selected - both very similar.  The top one will be in the main floor living room, on the stairs going upstairs, and in the entire top level.  We upgraded to 6-lb padding for these areas as well.  The bottom one will be in the basement, where we've upgraded to 8-lb padding.

One place where we felt we could save a little bit of money is in the full bath in the hallway of the top floor (Riley's bathroom) and in the basement full bath.  We're going to keep the standard (i.e. 'included") vinyl flooring in those two bathrooms.  Kevin wants to have a project eventually, so he said his project could be doing tile at some point in the future if we really want it.

So here is everything at a glance.  I loved the sales rep who helped us with all of this.  She has a college degree in interior design and it showed - she definitely helped steer us in the right direction with color decisions and we are thrilled at what we picked out!  (And yes, those are Riley's little legs in the corner of the picture.  I am glad she was part of the experience today, but wow - that wasn't easy!)


  1. Your house is looking awesome!! My wife and I are hoping to build with Ryan in November... your blog has been SO helpful to us!! I do have a question... can you give us a ballpark estimate on what your flooring upgrades cost you? The upgraded padding, the hardwood floor and the tile are all upgrades we are considering. Thank you again for sharing your experiences with us.

  2. Mark - thank you! It really is incredible (and even emotional) seeing everything we picked out piece by piece starting to take shape. I am really happy to hear that the blog has been useful to you and your wife - thank you for reading!

    I am not sure where you're located geographically, so I assume prices can vary. For the Northeastern Ohio area, all of our flooring upgrades cost us just over $11,000. (Quite the shock to us at first, as we had no idea what we were even dealing with and had just guessed it would be around $5,000).

    Again, this included ceramic tile in kitchen, laundry room, morning room, and master bath; hardwood in dining room, foyer, and half bath; upgraded pad (8#) and carpet (level 1) in basement, and upgraded pad (6#) and carpet (level 5) in living room, stairs, and entire top floor.

    If you want this broken down for you, let me know and I can do that.

    Best of luck to you both! I hope to hear back on your progress through here!