Sunday, April 4, 2010

Whew ... I can't wait for tomorrow!

Since my last post, I actually spoke to the showing agent.  I love her!  She was so sweet and confirmed that by not showing Saturday we weren't losing our chances of interest on the house.  Here's the story:

She showed the house to a man on Thursday.  She says he really liked it.  His fiance hasn't seen it yet, but is coming through tomorrow (Monday).  She was out of town this past weekend, but his mom was with him, viewing some homes.  The agent said that he liked a house they saw, but asked her if they could get back in here again.  The agent thought this was really good and actually said that he felt a little relieved knowing that we put a 'no show' restriction on the house this weekend so that no one could see it.  So tomorrow is the second showing for this couple ... and I am very optimistic!  We came home from my parent's tonight and went right to work on the yard.  Kevin mowed and I cleaned up some of the landscaping from the winter weather.  It just looks great.

Oh!  We also buried St. Joseph tonight!  Upside down, facing the road, near the For Sale sign!

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