Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Updates and Pictures

Our weekend has been jam-packed with meetings for the new home, as I mentioned, as well as our home inspection here yesterday afternoon.  It's been a fabulous past three days and Kevin and I are getting more and more excited about everything that is transpiring!

I've already shared everything about the Guardian meeting.  Since Thursday afternoon we've visited the Florence model two times.  Glad we did.  We hadn't thought about the furniture arrangement in the living room on the main level and quickly realized that where we planned to have our television mounted wouldn't work - we'd need to switch walls.  Not a big deal, but something I needed to let our sales rep know asap. 

We finalized all of our upgrades.  It feels SO good to have everything decided upon and signed off on.  We decided to take full advantage of the building experience and go ahead and upgrade to a granite countertop in the master bathroom as well - something we hadn't planned on doing originally.  We decided on a few other things here and there and signed off on the final papers.

Also, since our house has officially sold, we signed papers to remove the contingency agreement with Ryan.  We're now in the full-sold mode!  Should something happen - God forbid - that we not close on our current home, then Ryan Homes would just stick the contingency agreement back on our purchase - but we don't foresee that happening.

Home Inspection
We had no intention of being at our house during the home inspection, but ended up returning to the house to the inspector and buyers still here.  Kevin came in to ask if it were okay if we came back early - no one had any issues with it.  I am glad we did.  I got to meet the buyer and let her know that I'd be leaving her all the names of the paint colors in the house, the company that services our furnace, as well as the installer/servicer of our A/C.  She was very nice.  It was funny to walk in to the house and see she and her fiance sitting downstairs on the couches, watching the Cavs game.  I had the strange feeling that I was intruding on their home - while it is still actually ours.

The inspector was super nice.  He noted on his report that especially given the age of the house, it is in excellent shape and has been very well upkept.  That made us proud.  We haven't heard the official report from our realtor in regards to what the buyers want fixed, but if they want everything that was noted, it will simply be installing four GFI outlets and fixing a gas leak in the basement (something we're fixing regardless, for our own safety, of course).  I am SO relieved to have that all over!  On to the next steps to take us to our May 10 closing!

Colors Meeting
We had our 'colors meeting' this evening.  This is where we finalize our cabinets, countertops, siding, brick, shutters, and fireplace.  We do all of our flooring and stain options tomorrow at noon.  This was a really fun meeting and made the whole thing seem super real.  Here are some pictures to illustrate:

This will be our siding color - "Hudson Bay" - with black shutters.  Our front door will be black and we'll have almond color trim and garage door.  Our exterior will also have brick, and it'll be the brick color shown on top of the picture - it's a brownish tone brick.  It's going to look SUPER sharp.

This is our exact combination in the kitchen - this granite, "Cherry Spice" cabinets, and stainless steel appliances.  It just so happened that the newest model in the neighborhood (not even open yet!) has the same exact combination, so we were able to step over and snap a pic of it!

Here is an upclose shot of the stone color that we'll be using for the fireplace.  Again, super handy that the new model had that exact same color stone for their fireplace, so I was able to get a picture of that entire thing, too!

Oh - and the most exciting news of all?  We're actually on Ryan Homes' schedule - slated for ground breaking to be June 2nd ... and we are scheduled to close and take possession of the house on August 11th!  That sounds so close to me!

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