Thursday, April 15, 2010

Meeting Fun!

Tonight we had our meeting with Guardian Technologies.  I was a little apprehensive because I have heard several times that these sales people are extremely high pressure.  I was delightfully surprised.  Our sales rep was AWESOME.  I had done a decent amount of research on the products they offer and we knew what things we had absolutely no interest in.  All we had to do was tell him that and he moved right along; perfect.

While a lot of their stuff is super enticing to a somewhat gadget geek like myself, we didn't go overboard.  I am really excited about what we decided on.  We first decided on the location of our phone jacks and cable outlets that come standard with the house.  We then decided where we wanted additional cable jacks ... and which TVs would be hung on the wall, etc.  They run all the wiring during construction so everything is hidden in the walls.  I hate having any wires showing, etc, so this was exciting to me.  We also decided to have them pre-wire the living room and basement for surround sound.  We decided on two all-weather outdoor Bose speakers for the back deck, as well as a security system.  Very, very excited!  We had to put one-third down tonight, and pay the remainder once we move in. 

We'll have two more meetings with Guardian - placement and activation.  At the placement meeting we'll actually walk through the house once it is framed and mark on the exact studs where different wires and components will be.  Then at the activation meeting - once the house is done - we'll learn how to use the security system, etc.

We were originally going to have our 'colors meeting' tonight, too, but the Guardian one ran over and we decided to reschedule for Sunday.  This way we'll also use that time to confirm all of our upgrades and sign-off on those, too.  We have our flooring meeting scheduled for noon on Monday.  Then that's it!  We just have to wait to close on our house and provide them with our downpayment. 

Oh - it was also very exciting to walk in today and see the SALE sticker on our lot!!  407, baby!
The best part is that Kevin and I are just so excited. It is so awesome getting to do this together. I am building my dream house with my dream man for our dream framily. Life is good.

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