Monday, April 12, 2010

This Part is Nerve-Wracking!

We were at our realtor's office this morning, bright and early, to sign all of the purchase agreement papers for the sale of our house.  While it's all exciting, it's also unsettling.  Over the next two weeks several different inspections will be done.  While I have absolutely no reason to believe that any would fail, it still leaves you feeling a little unnerved.

We also need an appraiser to come through.  Typically this wouldn't be necessary, but the buyer is doing a FHA home loan, meaning that she is only required to put down 3.5%, so the bank wants to be absolutely sure that the home is worth what the buyer is taking the loan out for, should she default. 

I just want all of these formalities to be done and over with so that we can move forward with 100% confidence.

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