Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Hope We Didn't Screw Up Our Chances!

We're at my mom and dad's this weekend for the Easter holiday.  Before leaving the house yesterday (Friday), we made the decision to call the Centralized Showing Service and ask that they restrict any showings until we return Sunday evening.  We just wanted to get out of the house and on the road as quickly as possible ... and left things out without tidying up.  The house isn't a wreck by any means, but things aren't put away.  Plus, cell phone reception is scarce at my parent's house, so it would be a headache for the CSS to get in touch with us to have a showing approved anyhow.

When I called to make this request, I was told that Angie Black - the realtor who did Thursday's showing(s) - wanted to bring someone thru for the second showing on Monday from 12-1.  YAY!  A second showing!  I couldn't run upstairs fast enough to tell Kevin!

Well, just this morning we received a voicemail from CSS - Angie Black was hoping we'd grant an exception so that she could show the house for a second time from 11-11:30am this morning.  I didn't get the voicemail until 10:30am.  I called CSS back and explained that a showing until tomorrow evening just isn't possible (plus, for safety reasons, I removed our key from the keybox anyhow) ... but that she could show it as early as 4pm tomorrow night.  They said they'd let her know and would call us back if she wanted to do that.  It's been nearly five hours - no call back.

Worried and sick that we've now lost a chance at a second showing and potentially an offer, I called Angie Black directly.  I received her voicemail, but explained to her why we restricted showings this weekend and hoped that we hadn't lost our chances with that buyer ... and asked that she call me at my parent's house if she needed to.  I haven't heard from her yet ... but just really hope we didn't screw our chances up. 

A realtor - and a potential buyer - would understand, right?  I mean it is a holiday weekend ... so I just pray that our chances are still there when we return tomorrow night.  At least we still have the showing on Monday ...

Happy Easter!

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